Producers – Andy Noble and Morenike Williams

Directors- Damon Thomas, Lisa Bruhlmann, Francesca Gregorini




  1. Constance

    Love the shoes Carolyn wore in Season 2, Episode 1. The multi-colored striped loafers are making a statement. I’d love a pair!

  2. Hello,

    A short message to congratulate you on all of your work on Killing Eve. It’s simply incredible! the costumes are a perfect match for the characters, especially Jodie / Villanelle’s character trait. This really gives the series another dimension. The aesthetics of the series is perfect thanks in large part to you.

    Bravo again and all the best

  3. Victoria

    Hi Charlotte, I LOVE Villanelle’s necklace she wore with her M16 training outfit (Loewe green striped blazer, white v-neck blouse) in episode 6. Any help identifying would be amazing! Thanks

  4. Maiya Louise

    Hi Charlotte! Just a student costume designer who wanted to say that all the work you’ve done on Killing Eve has been incredible. I am a gal who loves a good suit so was totally obsessed with every blazer/trouser combo and suits that Jodie wore as Villanelle! Also, I have to ask where the long leather coat Fiona wears as Carolyn in episode 4 is from, my mum is absolutely in love with it!

  5. Lyn

    Congratulation Charlotte! What a great job you have done as stylist for Killing Eve Season 2!
    I have tried without success to find out the brand of the long printed lightweight overcoat in shades of green, orange & navy with drawstring fastenings, which Villanelle wore in episode 5. I hope you can enlighten me? Thank you.

  6. Lyn

    Yes she was waiting for Konstantin outside a shop, then eating an ice cream, then walking along the canal.
    Such a beautiful garment and wonderful fabric.
    Thank you!

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