The Circus (Y SYRCAS) – Costume Designer – FEATURE FILM

JUNE 2013 – SEPT 2013

Produced by S4C and Ffatti Ffilms, and directed by Kevin Allen, Director/ writer of ‘twintown’

Set in beautiful West wales and based on a true story about a circus who disrupt a quiet mining village in the 1840’s, This is a truely magical film.

Sara the Vicars daughter builds a bond with the elephant from the circus, replacing the loss of her mother with this exotic creature. Against her fathers wishes and the fears of fellow villagers, the circus are slowly accepted.

IMG_7168IMG_7171IMG_2850Y Syrcas, cyf: Kevin AllenFfati FFilmsTregaron, 9 Awst 2013YSyrcas_km041IMG_7169YSyrcas_km163YSyrcas_km189



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